Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hint: It's a Miss

What is Holly Madison wearing?

The former girl next door made quite a fashion statement at the premiere of "The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard" on Wednesday night. Hugh Hefner's ex turned up in a forest-inspired full length gown, complete with leaves and branches.

Now, while I'll give miss Madison points for creativity, I've got to assume that her ability to grasp the meaning of "natural" ended when she stuck those long locks of hers in bleach. And, while I have to insist that the earthy look missed its mark, it is true that the word subtle isn't exactly in a playmate's vocabulary.


  1. It looks like she's trying too hard to be fashionable, you know? I could see this looking okay on Tilda Swinton, but Swinton would probably chose something better!

  2. Wow that's crazy! I give her props for being creative, but it's a little too much

  3. oh my godness! a giant tree is eating her alive!