Monday, August 31, 2009

Hail To The Chief

Okay, so after many hard days of unpacking and re-buying everything that got lost in the move, it looks like I'm all moved in and--finally--my Internet is back up! I just hate being without it.

As I mentioned before, the boy and I just returned from the amazing city of Florence, where I indulged in granita (a local treat of crushed ice, sugar and different flavorings), binged on pizza, and fell in love with the cobblestone backstreets that make up the city.

And, while I loved the vintage feel of Florence's buildings and streets (minus the lack of AC), I hadn't quite prepared myself for the heat wave that met me and Bogart when we entered the city--with temps skyrocketing into the triple digits I had to tuck away my go-to skinny jeans and throw on the less worn (but more breezy) dresses that make up my summer wardrobe.

But, as those of us who aren't wandering the streets of Italy know, fall is approaching! The official countdown stands at only 19 days away. And a trend that seems to be making a big comeback in the fall fashion world is the military jacket.

The versatile little jacket can be add flair to skinny jeans or, for a a dressier look, with skirt and heels. Here's a little list of some of my favorite cadet-inspired coverings.

1. Knit Double-Breasted Military Jacket Express, $79.50
2. Braided Military Jacket ASOS, $101.15
3. Military Ruffle Jacket Free People, $148.00
4. DACUTE Military Leather Jacket Net-a-porter, $845.00
5. Officer's Blazer We The Free, $168.00
6. French Connection Military Jacket, £75.00

Go for a jacket with ruffles, textures, etc (see 2 and 3) to add a fun flare and a feminine touch.
Go for a jacket that looks like your old Marching Band Uniform.

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  1. i really want a military jacket too! love all these picks