Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fiscal Fashion: The Naked Dress

Any woman who's watched Sex and the City more than twice will remember Carrie's famous (or maybe infamous) naked dress. Now, while I can't say I'm a big advocate for wearing the see-through number on the first date (we all remember how that turned out), having such a tantalizing piece in your closet can't be a bad thing.

Here's a picture the original hip-hugging look:

And here are a few fiscally responsible (and one not so much) pieces I've found that resemble the dress: (5 is my fave)

1. Cotton Spandex JerseyDouble U-Neck Dress American Apparel, creme, $36.00
2. BDG Convertible Strapless Dress Urban Outfitters, light pink, $28.00
3. BDG Convertible Strapless Dress Urban Outfitters, nude, $28.00
4. Spandex Jersey Too-Short Tube Dress American Apparel, nude, $29.00
5. Sheer Jersey Chemise
American Apparel, creme, $24.00
6. (not so fiscally responsible) Bottega Veneta Rope Trim Dress The, neutral, $492.00

Just add a pair of peep-toes and (if you're really feeling like Carrie) a fur jacket, and you'll have a not-so-subtle (but hopefully cheap and chic) outfit!


  1. thanks for checking out my blog - i really like yours!

  2. I like number 6, but that one is so expensive :o

  3. Of course I looked at the image and thought "Oh, I love number six!" Why, oh why, does that one have to be so pricey?!